Have a look inside our Jewellery Boxes  

These one of a kind jewellery boxes created in collaboration with our clients to achieve a truly bespoke gift. Celebrating many special occasion from engagements, birthdays, anniversaries, our jewellery boxes are heirlooms to be treasured.



This was a bespoke box we made to celebrate friendship, the best friends love all thing vintage and this was designed to house a beautiful collection of antique jewellery. The fabrics used are special to the friends and were vintage silk scarves that had been collected over many years. Bursting with sentimental embroidery in each compartment and utilising the original ointment jars in the design this is a truly special jewellery box.

The beautiful Butterfly Jewellery Box, created to house a special jewellery collection for a couple. This also has a special hidden compartment behind the mirror for photographs!

We created this lovely box as a special birthday present, each section of the jewellery box feature special embroidery motifs for the family. We made the children's names section removable so she can easily add more names in the future!
A jewellery box we created for a man to keep his collection of cufflinks in, hand embroidered initials and dates add that special personal touch. 
A stunning jewellery box to celebrate a special couple, such a fantastic wedding gift!