Guided by a passion for restoring and enhancing antique boxes, we take inspiration from timeless craftsmanship, using modern and vintage fabrics and personalised hand embroidery to create our one of a kind jewellery boxes.

In a ‘mass produced’ and ‘single use’ society where many items are replaced rather than repaired, Woodbury & Co jewellery boxes are designed with longevity and sentiment in mind.

The history of antique boxes has ranged enormously as well as the designs, from portable writing slopes, ornate vanity boxes to carry beauty remedies to highly prized Georgian tea caddies of the 18th Century. We rediscover these forgotten gems and lovingly restore, to give the box a new lease of life and new story to be continued by you. The story behind each antique box just adds to the magic of every piece.

We believe that this is part of the answer to a sustainable future and strive to create a modern family heirloom that can be enjoyed by future generations.

Our antique jewellery boxes are hand-made in Devon to the highest standards and we work hard to source all our materials from the UK.

We would love to discuss your ideas with you. For more information or to commission a bespoke piece, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.